Influence and power of the patient: How do you contribute to the direction of change in healthcare?


The world of healthcare is changing at a rapid pace. Major developments are taking place in the fields of E-health and care at a distance. New technologies offer many innovative possibilities, but at the same time raise questions. How can you increase your impact (at a distance) as a director of a patient organisation and as an individual patient? These themes were central during the Patient Organisation Day on 2 September, which took place both virtually and physically.

Monic Bührs has a background in various management positions. Based on these experiences, she indicated 5 levels of influence. These were: asking for help, making bondages, using ego, reflection and a personal vision. Next, Bram Verbrugge of Stichting Voor Sara provided his insights. Voor Sara is a foundation which  received media attention through newspaper columns, a donors website and a site for patients & professionals, enabling the foundation to grow into a professional knowledge platform and network.

After the keynote, the group moved to the workshop rooms. The first workshop concerned stakeholder analysis & collaboration with various stakeholders. What impact can stakeholders have and how do you make the best use of this? Next, Bram Verbrugge gave a workshop on creating impact through social media by writing a press release. Important questions here are: What do you find important as a patient organisation? What do you want to say? Finally, a keynote on successful lobbying took place.

This session was organised by Flevum in collaboration with Roche.

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