From consumer insights to value & action at Google

Digitisation ensures that organisations are more directly connected to their (end) customers than ever before. Social media, platforms, apps, webshops – they all result in an enormous increase in the available consumer data. In this connected world, many organisations are struggling with the question ‘How can we structure the data to optimise business operations and better serve the end customer? 

During this Virtual Round Table, the participants were included in the steps that can be taken towards a connected business that makes smart use of data applications. 

On average we google about 10 times a day to help us with burning questions, information and ideas. In America, this results in 4 billion searches per day. The resulting database is referred to by Google as a ‘library of human intentions’.  Janneke van Geuns is Head of Insights & Analytics at Google and spoke about the value of this ‘library of human intentions.’ She discussed that this data gives a good indication of what is going on in society, even better than polls and surveys. In addition, data from Google can be used to analyse consumers, such as which flavour crisps are popular. Finally, she discussed a common mistake she sees in companies, namely skipping the data discovery process. Companies often only look at data and metrics, but do not generate insights from this data. The value from the data discovery process can be linked to actions that ultimately lead to value for the company. 

The following participants were among others present during this session:

  • Director Digital analytics | Albert Heijn
  • Hoofd Data & Analitcs | Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Head of Data & Strategy & Artificial Intelligence | Philips
  • Director Marketing & Comms | Randstad Groep Nederland
  • Chief Digital Officer | de Volksbank

This meeting was organised by Flevum.

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