Government’s vision on transition

Public-private cooperative during the energy transition

The energy transition poses one of the greatest social and economic challenges of the last century and the decades to come. The sector is entering unknown territory, in which each has the same goal, but everyone also has their own route. However, only through cooperation and communication will it be possible to renew the energy mix in the Netherlands substantially and sustainably and pursue the climate agreement. The government is the most important common denominator here. As a facilitator and link with businesses and citizens, the government benefits greatly from establishing consistent and clear communication. In this Virtual Round Table we entered into the private-public discussion on the common roadmap to energy transition.

Ernst-Paul Nas, Director of Electricity and DG Climate and Energy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, set out in a Keynote for the discussion the interests involved in the government’s energy policy. Mr. Nas discussed market development, PEH and TIKI, among other things. 

Under moderation of René Peters, Business Director Gas Technology at TNO, the discussion consisted of direct questions to the Ministry and a plenary discussion among themselves. Various topics were discussed, such as the scabs of the roll-out of a green hydrogen network and the transport and pricing of hydrogen. The floor was also opened for the participants to bring their own input into the discussion. 

The following participants, among others, were present at this session

  • Global Head Natural Resources | ABN AMRO
  • CFO | GasTerra
  • Director Solar Development | Vattenfall
  • VP Gas and Hydrogen Partnerships NL | Shell

Ernst-Paul Nas

Director Electricity and Interim Director General Climate and Energy at Ministry of Economics and Climate

“The energysector is entering unknown territory, with every player having the same goal”

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