Disruptions in the Future of Work

There have always been disruptions in the ways in which products and services are designed, produced, and not to forget supplied to consumers. However, what differs today, is that the onset of digitalisation has accelerated the speed with which these changes occur. The far reaching effects of this will most definitely be noticed in ‘The Future of Work.’ This increasing speed of change and transformation is what drove Flevum to organise this Vision Dinner; we believe that the current developments constitute a question of evolve or perish. In collaboration with speakers from Capgemini and ING issue-topics were developed and presented to a group of eager  participants. 

The speakers in this Vision Dinner emphasised the vastness of the challenges faced and how contemporary developments necessitate a radical rethinking of strategy formulation in the field of Human Resources. The cases of ING and Capgemini Invent were used to highlight concrete examples within the context of financial services. In line with this, one of the speakers explained what it takes to foster a culture in which high performance is embedded.

After the presentation the speakers of ING and Capgemini Invent spoke with participants including, but not limited to: 

  • Chief Digital Officer | Van Lanschot Kempen
  • Head of Organisation Development and People Insights | VodafoneZiggo
  • Global Head of HR Strategy & Transformation | ING
  • Director Human Resources | Garantibank 

In the conversation about the future of work common challenges were shared and networks enriched. This was all facilitated by Flevum with the cooperation of Capgemini Invent. 

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