The Cooperation of Security

How can safety be guaranteed? This is an issue that affects all of us, in all dimensions of our lives. What is certain is that no organisation can guarantee safety without help. What is needed: close cooperation between different sectors, public and private, at home and abroad. Security products are being developed in cooperation with parties all over the world. In complex partnerships such as this, there are always trade-offs. On one hand, it seems as if we are becoming less autonomous for our safety, while at the same time we have a great deal of influence in the field of product development within collaborative ventures. Schiphol and TNO, both important players in the development of safety products, presented their vision on this issue of give and take during a Vision Dinner organised by Flevum. 

The presentations by Krishna Taneja  and Hedzer Komduur concerned the partner network in which (public) safety products are produced and what the implications of this are. They both stressed the importance of development and innovation in a world where it is virtually impossible to know for sure where tomorrow’s threats come from. Particular attention was paid to the potential threats created by 3D printing technologies and an emphasis was placed on how strategic alliances are the only way forward in ensuring the safety and security in contemporary societies. 

After the presentation, Krishna Taneja and Hedzer Komduur entered into conversation with directors (Cyber) Safety to share challenges, learn from each other, and make connections.  Some of the participants were

  • CISO | Robeco
  • IT Security Officer | Van Oord
  • Director Cyber Security | Hikvision
  • General Directeur | Securitas Netherlands

This session, one of the few live events since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020, was fully facilitated by Flevum. 

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