Data in Human Resources

This vision dinner was organised to explain challenges in the use of significantly large datasets and new technologies to improve the capacity of the execution of Human Resources. This was necessary in light of the rapid changes with which employers and employees in every sector will be confronted in the coming years. The topic was elucidated by an explanation of the case Randstad; a global leader in the field of HR. To be able to successfully take chances in a world that is changing with ever increasing speeds, Randstad has to use more and more data and technology, which was explained by HR Director Tineke Meints.

Tineke explained that this digitalisation not just impacted the services Randstad provides, but also the way in which the current workforce functions and which skills are required for the workforce to have. To bridge the digital skills-gap, Tineke explained that Randstad invests in continuous development of their current employees, whilst prioritising the ‘future-proofness’ of the people they hire now. The importance of a workforce that does not only have the skills necessary today, but also those needed tomorrow was emphasised and provided challenging content for the participants. 

After the presentation, the speaker from Randstad entered into conversation with the participants, a few of which were: 

  • HR Director | DHL
  • Director HR Strategy & Portfolio  | KLM
  • HR Director | Greydon Nederland
  • HR Director Netherlands & Belgium | Royal Haskoning DHV

The conversation dealt with the future and participants shared common challenges and connected with each other. This event was facilitated by Flevum in a digital environment and made possible by Visma Raet.

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