Balancing between innovation and compliance

In the race to transcend the digital transformation, robotic process automation (RPA) is increasingly used. As a result, fixed and routine procedures are performed as standard and this process is permanently controllable. Thanks to RPA, an organisation can be transformed into an agile compliance organisation that can adapt in a timely and adequate manner to the changing requirements and wishes of regulators. With the use of RPA one has to pay attention to the privacy of customers. Operating in a highly regulated market, being compliant and ensuring privacy is an important priority. During this Virtual Round Table we discussed how an organisation ensures a balance between innovation and compliance in the field of RPA. 

Sudhanshu took the participants on a robo-trip. He explained how he and his team got started, how they selected the projects and processes to start with and how they could scale up robotics activities. He also showed how he balances between human activities and robotics in a highly regulated market. He answered the question: how do you integrate the right checks and balances to guarantee the privacy of the customer and at the same time utilise the full potential of robotics?

The following participants were among others present during this session:

  • CTO | Picnic
  • Director Procurement | Lely
  • CDO | Van Lanschot Kempen
  • Head of Compliance for Privacy, Innovation & Technology | ABN AMRO
  • Director Advanced Analytics | KPN

This meeting was organised by Flevum in collaboration with partner SAS.

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