A different way to cure

Data & analytics has the potential to improve healthcare: it creates value by enabling novel insights, personalised diagnoses and new treatments. However, the question of how to safely unleash the power of new technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, self-learning models and cognitive computing remains. How can you, as a hospital, use data to improve the quality of care and business operations? What data do you generate and which data can you access easily? How do you analyse this data and for what purpose? And how do you subsequently translate the acquired insights into concrete applications for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals? In short, how do you become a data-driven hospital?

During his presentation, Geert Kazemier addressed the question of how doctors and patients could benefit from data and analytics in healthcare. For example, Geert experimented with a computer model that uses the analysis of CT scans to show whether a treatment is successful or not. Jan-Eric Slot discussed the way in which Bernhoven Hospital is moving towards the future. Digitisation and innovation play an important role in this. Among other things, Jan-Eric is responsible for the technology and access to the data that make innovations and more efficient business operations possible. During his presentation, he involved the group in the challenges and issues that a CIO/CMIO deals with in the transition to data driven healthcare. 

Jorrit Ebben, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Academy Het Dorp, led the discussion, which consisted of a plenary exchange of knowledge and challenging each other’s ideas. Of course, there was also room for direct questions to each other. In the discussion it was strongly emphasised that sector collaboration is an essential part of the innovation strategy. 

The following participants, among others, were present at this session

  • CIO | Noordwest Ziekenhuis
  • CMIO | Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis
  • CMIO | Tergooi Ziekenhuizen

This session was organised by Flevum in collaboration with VMWARE and SAS.

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