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Flevum offers the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences with your peers. In 11 different themes we developed a wide range of programmes for practice-oriented learning & development.

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Flevum organises small-scale network sessions distributed in 11 themes. Within these themes, different perspectives are highlighted, and we always focus on and connect to today’s and especially tomorrow’s most relevant themes.


Connecting companies has been our strong suit since 1999

A network of valuable connections with other organisations, (potential) customers and stakeholders is the benchmark for a successful company. It ensures that you know more quickly what is going on in the market, it helps to identify developments and translate them into your products and services, it increases the speed of innovation and strengthens the ability to respond more quickly to changing demand and market positions. Flevum supports this because 'connecting companies' is our passion, our mission.

With our partners we strive to foster valuable connections and together pursue a common goal. We are not only a facilitator of sessions, but an extension of our partner organisations allowing their knowledge and network to expand.


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Let's talk business

In Flevum's video show Chief Talk, "Chiefs" of leading corporates discuss various business challenges. We strive for an authentic conversation between thought-leaders and make Chief Talk an open conversation. Enjoy!

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"Flevum's sessions have been 'time well spent' to executives for years now".

Jacques Pijl, Owner & Director, Turner

"The quality of Flevum's Virtual Round Tables is exceptionally high. This includes keynote speakers, participants and organisations"

Ron Grevink, Sr. Marketing Manager Benelux, VMware

"Open discussions in a confidential environment and cross-industry exchange of knowledge and expertise help me to have a fresh approach for various cases.

Vinz van Es, Managing Director, G4S

"Flevum offers a highly professional network that allows us to stay informed on the latest market developments"

André van Troost, CEO, Lely

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