Het netwerk dat MKB ondernemers in staat stelt om op een efficiënte wijze vele honderden nieuwe contacten te genereren. Het netwerk is landelijk dekkend, maar heeft een regionale verankering.


Flevum Executive is de ingang naar hèt netwerk voor leidinggevenden in Nederland, algemeen, vakinhoudelijk of sectorspecifiek.


Bestuurders en directie van corporate Nederland ontmoeten elkaar, ontwikkelen gezamenlijk een toekomstvisie en debatteren over actuele thema’s.


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Vision Dinner | Digital innovation: Making today’s business relevant for tomorrow

Innovation has never been more important.. Or so difficult.
It is about innovating not only at the front end to improve customer, product or service experience, but also your operations and processes. And to do it fast! Because today, innovation cycles are measured in days and weeks, rather than in months and years.
During this vision dinner two cases of fast digital innovation will be presented to you. And key questions that will be addressed:

• What lessons can we draw from organizations that are stand-out innovators
• Which digital innovations should be on your radar screens
• What should be your sustainable innovation approach
• How can you promote innovation and embed it into your organization culture?

Be inspired!

Erik van Engelen, Managing Director Consumer at Eneco.
In this role, Erik is responsible for more than 2 million consumers within Eneco, Toon, Oxxio and Woonenergie.
One and a half year ago, Eneco chose a client driven and agile way of working in order to further accelerate innovation within the company. Having a clear vision is key to make a transition like this successful – and Eneco has one: sustainable energy for all. Erik shows some examples of new digital propositions with new revenue models and tells how these are impacting the customer experience positively and the impact on the transformation of the company. Of all innovations, Toon is probably the most well-known. It helps forging real relationships with customers, decreasing customer churn by double digit figures. And he will elaborate on Oxxio, a brand that transforms from price fighter to the first energy app player with big results on cost and customer satisfaction.

Hugo Raaijmakers, Global Head of Innovation Management at ING Bank.
Customer behavior was rapidly changing in response to new digital distribution channels, and customer expectations were being shaped by digital leaders in other industries. ING needed to stop thinking traditionally about product marketing and had to start understanding customer journeys. Adopting agile seemed the right way. ING was one of the first companies in The Netherlands that shifted its traditional organization to an agile model and integrated it in the entire organization.
It enables ING to develop innovative new product features and to position itself as the number-one mobile bank in The Netherlands. Hugo gives examples of digital innovations and also tells about the importance of changing culture to make a transition like this successful.

The meeting and discussion will be chaired by Maarten Timmers, Head of Marketing Corporate Banking at ABN AMRO.

Datum / tijd

Van: 12/10/2017 - 18:00
Tot: 12/10/2017 - 20:30


Buitenplaats Amerongen

Speciaal geschikt voor

Commercial, sales, marketing and digital directors


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